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Practice Tests from the official FBLA website

FBLA test frenzy

Practice tests are your best friend! Want to win? DO THESE. Depending on your event, you should get at least 70 questions right out of 100 if you want to possibly place at districts and qualify for state. Some events are more competitive, however, and you may want to aim for the 80s.

Completing practice tests also gives you lettering points!

10 question quiz = 1 point

100 question full length practice quiz = 3 points


Step 1: Get Your Login Information

What You Will Need:

1. Chapter Number Which is: 14961

2. Your Respective Future, Business, Leader, or America password. Click on the links below starting with Leader on the left hand side and find your password correlated with your name

3. Click the button below and enter the chapter number as your username and the numbers on the spread sheet as your password


Step 2: Pick Your Tasks and Complete Them

Depending on the current level  you are on you will have to select different activities in various categories such as Progress Activities, Education Activities, and Service Activities. Feel free to do these activities with other FBLA members and be sure to ask the chapter and business leaders to help you, they are more than willing to. 

1. Select Activities

2. Reach Out to Members

3. Make Sure All Work is Completed

4. Contact Your Adviser (step 3)

Step 3: Talk to Your Adviser To Submit Verify Your Work

Congratulations!!! You are so close to completing your current level on your journey through BAA. Now email your adviser (Ms. Seeton) and set up a meeting time to go over your work and submit for review and your rewards. Click this button to send an email to your adviser.