FRHS Chapter Meetings

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Are you stressing about that event that you missed, are you anxiously waiting to see if tonight was actually the deadline for your permission slip, are you just so excited for our next meeting you need to quench your cravings by looking at our slides? Here you can see all of our slides for the year and be up to date on our current events. Make sure you are logged into your psd google account to view these slides (just click the desired slide).


August 29

Today we were happy to host our first meeting of the year! We are incredibly excited to show you what we have in store throughout the coming months. For this meeting, students were given basic membership information. This included the club fee payment (due by October 31), some event information, t-shirts (for participants that have paid) will be available for the next meeting on September 12. We also were proud to introduce our leadership team for the 2019-2020 school year also.

September 12

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