Community Service Awards

Get Involved in Your Community and Let Your Community Reward You.

Here we will take you step by step through the process of starting or continuing your journey in becoming recognized at state or even national competitions for your commitment to FBLA.

Step 1: What Hours Qualify for CSA?

All Hours that are volunteered for during your time in High School or your FBLA Career can be counted towards your CSA Awards.


Step 2: How do I Submit My Work?

When you are ready to submit your hours contact Ms. Seeton with a log or a reference that can verify that the work you did was measured correctly. 


Step 3: What are my dead Lines

All hours are continus and the hours you earned the year before roll over into the next year, but if you want to be considered for this year’s award then you should submit all Community and Service level awards by March 1st and the Acheivment Award by April 25th. 


Level 1: Community

  • CSA Community Achievement Certificate 

  • District Recognition

  • Hours for Community Award
  • How Long Does it Realistically take

Level 2: Service Award

  • CSA Services Achievement Certificate 

  • State Recognition

  • Qualifier for State Leadership Conference


  • Hours for Service Award
  • How Long Does it Realistically take

Level 3: Achivment

  • CSA Achievement Certificate 

  • National Recognition

  • Qualifier for National Leadership Conference

  • Hours for Achievement Award
  • How Long Does it Realistically take