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FBLA Competitive Events

Expand your business knowledge through the 72 Competitive Events offered by FBLA. These events cover multiple mediums including presentation-based, test-based, and live role play events over a wide variety of subjects.

Business Achievement Awards

Show your achievement in FBLA to peers, employers, and colleges by being recognized by the Business Achievement Awards. Reach the awards of Future, Business, Leader, and America levels of achievement.

Community Service Awards

Letter in FBLA today! Through attending meetings, participating in chapter events, and competing in your competitive events, you can earn points to letter. Lettering requires 100 points and is realistically achievable for all that apply themselves.

Varsity Lettering Awards

Through attending meetings, participating in chapter events, and competing in your competitive events, you can earn points to letter. Lettering requires 100 points and is realistic to achive.​

Professional Business Connections

Develop relationships and network yourself with companies such as Otter Box, Zephyer hats, and Mouco cheese. These connections go beyond the classroom and can lead to amazing oppertunities.

Scholarship Oppertunities

Earn scholarships and cash prizes such as a $1000 prize from competing in Business ethics or be elected by your peers for the FBLA chapter scholarship of $500.

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“What makes FBLA stand out, is that although it stands for Future Business Leaders of America, it is not just for aspiring leaders. In fact, it has something for everyone. FBLA covers a wide range of topics, from emerging business issues to digital video production, and teaches vital skills that are not exclusive to business, but rather those that are essential to almost every aspect of life- including human relations, proactivity, and smart decision-making.”

Executive Board

William Cutchin


William Cutchin is a serial entrepreneur, but his true talents and passions are materializing other’s commercial potential through marketing. Will is the president his FBLA chapter which has been nationally recognized. He has competed at the national level in Banking and Financial Systems which took place in Baltimore. Complementing this, he is a part of 5 different honor societies and is applying to attend Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business for marketing and Real Estate.

Alexandre Shappell

Vice President

Alexandre Shappell is the 2018-2019 Fossil Ridge High School FBLA Vice President. As Vice President, Alexandre is in charge of creating all of the presentation slides and running meetings alongside President Will Cutchin. Alexandre and Will closely work together every day to lead the Business Leadership team and manage our FBLA chapter. At heart, Alexandre is a content creator with a passion for video marketing, public speaking, and men’s fashion.

Ryan Smith


Ryan Smith is an aspiring venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Ryan is the secretary of the Fossil Ridge High School FBLA chapter, and has competed at the state and national level. Complementing this, he is also the NBHS president as well as the vice president of NTHS for the 2018-2019 school year. He is planning on studying accounting in college like the rest of his family with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Isha Sahasrabudhe


Isha Sahasrabudhe is the Treasurer of the 2018-2019 FBLA Board. This is her second year in this position. As Treasurer, Isha keeps track of all the financial records of Fossil’s FBLA through budgeting. She manages expenses and revenues and reports the total balance at every meeting. She has been in FBLA since freshman year, and has participated in several events, such as Business Ethics, Emerging Business Issues, Introduction to Business, and Business Communications, competing at Nationals twice. 

Parker Lane


Parker Lane is Fossil Ridge FBLA’s Historian and the president of NTHS. He is the person who provides the pizza for all the meetings. He has a passion for cars and takes pride in everything he does. He is the lead detailer for Ed Carroll Motor Company and does other detailing on the side. He wants to study Business and some day become a manager of sales in a luxury car dealership.

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